Steel Ladle

Our range of prodcuts for the Steel Ladle includes Bottom Purging Plugs, Sliding Gate Plates, Inner and Collector Nozzles.
We also have our own TN-Sliding Gate System.

Porous Purging Plugs

TYK Purging Plugs are made of high Al2O3 material. They are burned and sintered at high temperatures. The right raw materials and our long time production experience guarantee an excellent performance.
With our plugs, we are the market leader in Japan. We produce Slit-, Porous- or Hybrid Plugs, separate or as complete sets including Well Blocks.
Our plugs are used very successful in the aluminium industry.

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Purging Plugs

Plug Comparison
Left-Porous | Right-Slit

Main Features

Secure blowing during every campaign and for the total treatment time

Optimized pore distribution to prevent steel penetration

Short cleaning times due to good gas permeability

Low erosion due to high thermal shock and spalling resistance


Sliding Gate Plates

TYK supplies sliding gate ceramics for a wide range of gate systems worldwide. Our plates are made of alumina-graphite, high-alumina and for special applications of high zirconia material. The choice of the material depends on application and requirement in close cooperation with the customer needs. Lifetime, safe usage and cost efficiency are key parameters for the development of our plates.

Main Characteristics

low crack behaviour

high oxidation resistance

high spalling resistance

good steel penetration resistance

TYK Sliding Gate Plate

Sliding Gate Plate

Ladle Gate System TN-A1

Our TN-A1 sliding gate system is a simple user friendly ladle gate system. We combined and optimized the advantages of different systems in the TN-A1. Today we have 2 versions in use, one with a maximum bore size of 80 mm and one with 100 mm.

Main Features

userfriendly setting and release of face pressure

easy and tight fixing of the plates with only one bolt

easy installation at the ladle

fixing of the plate from 4 directions to reduce thermal stress and to prevent open cracks

TYK Schieberplatte

TN-A1 Gate