Continuous Casting

The TYK Corporation is a pioneer of isostatic pressed products for Continuous Casting. The quality of the casted steel depends to a great extent on the quality and conformity of the used refractory material. Exactly for these characteristics stays TYK, and therefore you will find our isostatic products on the casting floors all over the world.

Temperature Measurement

Isostatic Products

CC Flow Control

Submerged Entry Nozzle

Our SENs are optimized for the requirement of each customer. We can optimize the size and design of the nozzle with the aid of our water model and CFD analysis. We produce all common designs like quick-change, mono-type or fin-type for thin slab casters.

Multi-coupled CFD analysis of steel flow

Optimization of the SEN with a computer based simulation of th steel flow and the movements in the mold.



Ladle Shroud

TYK is producing all different types of Ladle Shrouds starting from simple cylindric designs to trumpet or bell shapes. We are able to produce tubes up to a weight of 120 kg. Depending of the material selection and operating time our nozzles are designed for cold start or pre-heating. Our pre-heated nozzles are designed for longer casting interruptions.

Preheated Ladle Shroud - The Advantage !

The preheating of the ladle shroud allows to apply higher erosion resistant materials than for a cold-start tube. The advantage is the reusage of the shroud after the end of the sequence. It can be cleaned, stored and re-used for the next sequences with a big saving potential. In Japan our Ladle Shrouds reach a using time up to 43,5 hrs.


Schematic design of a bell type Ladle Shroud

Ladle Shroud


Continuous Temperature Measurement MZ-Probe

Our measurement system for a constant temperature measurement in liquid metals. Fast, safe, precise and reliable; our MZ-Probe is the the perfect tool for the temperature control of you melt!

The Equipment

Temperature Measurement System

Structure of the Temperature Measuring Probe

Temperature Measurement MZ