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More than 70 years ago the TYK Corporation already started to produce refractories in our main plant in Japan. Through the intensive cooperation with the steel and non-ferrous industries, TYK became one of the most capable suppliers for refractory products worldwide.
Today we use our experience and competence to support our customers with customized products and excellent services all over the world.

The worldwide requirement for high quality refractories and for innovative solutions becomes more and more extensive. The TYK Group always responded successfully to these requirements. Our global sales and service network will guarantee the necessary technical support and solution for our customers always and everywhere.
Beside the traditional refractory field, TYK is working to develop new materials which influence our daily life more and more such as fine ceramics, parts for the wind- or heat energy sector and environment products like particle filters or antibacterial products.

TYK Global Strategy

Enlarge the circle of gratitude all over the World through business

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We contribute to the society by both means of Quality and Environment

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Providing products of the highest quality by means of our continuous innovation based on human respect

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