Continuous Casting

The TYK Corporation is a pioneer of isostatic pressed products for the Continuous Casting.Our long-time know-how in the production of Sub Entry Nozzles, Ladle Shrouds and Stoppers made us a reliable supplier and partner in many steel plants in the world.
Our products are individual designed and produced, based on the requirements and necessities of each customer. Through this individual commitment, a high security and efficiency can be ensured during the whole casting process.
Submerged Entry Nozzle "SEN"
  • high production quality and conformity.
  • special design for quick Change Systems and Thin Slab Casters.
  • monolithic pressing of different materials for a homogeneous structure.
  • application of high erosion resistant zirconia materials in the slag zone for long casting times.
  • "Anti-Clogging" different applications and materials against alumina clogging.
  • Computer and Water Model analysis.
Schematic view of an Anti Clogging SEN

Ladle Shroud
  • extreme erosion and thermal shock resistant.
  • different materials for a higher erosion resistance.
  • Jumbo nozzles in trumpet or bell type design for immersed opening.
  • Long-Life Shrouds (pre-heated type).
Some sample shapes of ladle shrouds

  • extremely erosion and thermal shock resistant.
  • customized material for the stopper tip for an optimum casting regulation.
  • on request pre assembled including stopper rod.
TYK Stoppers including pre assembled stopper rod

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