Multiholeplug MHP
The use of bottom blowing plugs in the converter is today a standard in modern integrated steel plants. But there are big differences in the types of plugs which are used in the converter bottom.
Once more, TYK took the lead in the development of a new innovative solution. Out latest development is the Big Size Multihole Plug “MHP”, which sets new standards in lifetime and in the flow control of the plug.
We deliver also the smaller size standard plugs which have no patent protection.
The advantages of the MHP:
  • About 6 times the size of a standard bottom brick with a perfect thermal shock resistance.
  • Up to 200 Pipes in one Plug.
  • Very good metallurgic results due to the optimized control of the gas flow.
  • High blowing availability until the end of the converter life.
  • Cost saving due to the reduction of Al, Mn and O2 as well as through the reduction of the amount of plugs in the bottom.
TYK Multiholeplug MHP dimension
TYK Muktiholeplug MHP
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Converter Tap Hole Sleeve
TYK has a long tradition in the production of Tap Hole Sleeves. Our monolithic pressed Sleeves in MgO-C quality have an excellent lifetime and they are very cost efficient. We can deliver all designs which have no patent protection.
TYK Tap Hole Sleeves
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